This is excellent practice material for interpreting students, current interpreters, those wondering if interpreting is for them, and for those preparing for the medical interpreter certification exams. Each dialogue lasts around 7 minutes, which provides about 15 minutes of interpreting per dialogue. The dialogues are based on real situations that you could encounter at a hospital.

Click here to see suggestions on how to practice with the dialogues.

Here’s a short sample: Dialogue 1 – Diabetes Sample

Spanish – English Medical Dialogues 1-3 (27 minutes of dialogue) $25   Add to Cart

This downloadable bundle offers 3 Spanish-English dialogues between a medical professional and a patient or patient family member. These 3 dialogues cover the following topics: Diabetes diagnosis, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit meeting, and a Retinoblastoma diagnosis. In total, this bundle provides just under 1 hour of interpreting practice (dialogues + interpreting).

You can also purchase the dialogues individually:

Spanish – English Medical Dialogue 1 – Diabetes Diagnosis ( 9 minutes)

$10 Add to Cart


Spanish – English Medical Dialogue 2 – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit meeting (9:35 minutes)
$10 Add to Cart


Spanish – English Medical Dialogue 3 – Retinoblastoma Diagnosis (8:40 minutes)
$10 Add to Cart


Spanish – English Medical Dialogue 4 – Social Services in the ER (7:24 minutes)

$10 Add to Cart


Chinese-English Medical Dialogue 1-3  $25   Add to Cart


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